Our Artists

We’d like to introduce our artists.

Shooting Star Gallery is a co-op of artists from the Twin Lakes area. Our doors opened originally in a very small space next to the Twin Lakes General Store in 2010. For the 2016 season we will again be in our larger store one block west of our original location. As our town is only 3 blocks long it isn’t difficult to find our gallery, stop in and you’ll be amazed at the variety of artists in our little town.  Watch for our signs and come in and see us when you are in the area.

Our Artists

Susie K.

Susie's Beach Glass

The organizer and dreamer for the gallery, Susie is the reason we exist. She creates with beach glass, beads, stained glass and much more. When walking along the Twin Lakes Susie picks up all the broken glass along the way. The lake wave action isn’t enough to blunt the edges so she helps mother nature a bit in order to have “Twin Lakes Beach Glass” to make her wonderful art.


Wire wrapped pendants from Karen


Elanore's wall



Influence in art and poetry began early for Scott.  His mother, a high school art teacher, handed him a paper and pencil in an attempt to keep him quiet in church as a young boy.  She practiced her art lessons on him.   His father, the high school superintendent, was a weekend wood worker whose mother lived with the family and played an influential role in Scott’s love of nature.  She shared her love of poetry and taught him word games.

In 1977, an elderly Nez Perce woman read his palm and analyzed his handwriting.  She predicted success in something he had never done: sculpture.  There, in the Wallowa Valley of Oregon, in the town named for Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, Scott began to sculpt.  He began with a chain saw and 25 years later he was working in bronze.

In his long career, Scott’s sculptures have been shown and collected across the country, from Seattle to Eagle River, WI, Palm Desert, CA, to West Palm Beach, FL.  The Fred Harmon Museum in Pagosa Springs commissioned him to do Red Ryder and Little Beaver larger than life.  His art has been displayed in galleries in Santa Fe, Taos, Scottsdale, Sedona, Durango, Telluride, Steamboat Springs, Eureka Springs, Branson and others.

Scott’s degree in Park Administration from the University of Illinois,  created opportunities to work on some very special projects including

Shalako Ranch near Durango, Bass Pro’s Dogwood Canyon, Hunter Creek Ranch near Payson, AZ, Black Butte Ranch near Sisters, OR, and finally his own at Mesa Verde near Mancos, CO. There he built an earth lodge using northern plains Native American architecture and modern technology. He has been involved in many conservation projects but his affinity with nature is best expressed through his artwork.

Solitary experimentation yielded a unique style, unusual techniques and harmony with the wood.  Scott has developed an ability to listen to the wood and feel the spirit, resulting in a significant contribution to sculpture and certainly to any collection.

Jon and Annie

Chess Table
Local artists Jon and Annie combine their talents while each following their individual interests.  Jon works with local wood to create gorgeous furniture and the frames for Annie’s unique needle felted pictures.



Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, artist Yvette Gaines Gagnet began painting at the age of 12. She studied art at Louisiana State University in the 1950s. In 1976, she studied stained glass design, becoming a commercial stained glass artist. Her stained glass designs and work range from Bourbon St.
bars, restaurants, homes and churches throughout South Louisiana. After retirement, she and her husband moved to Twin Lakes, where she returned to her first love of oil painting. Inspired by the beauty
of the mountains, Yvette paints the light effects, flora and fauna of all the seasons, but most especially those of Autumn.


Ava Lanes: Fall Aspens

Photographer Ava Lanes grew up in a small town in Western North Dakota.  While in ND, she owned and operated a storefront gallery and framing business for over 13 years.  She relocated that business to Parachute, Colorado in 1990 and continues to provide gallery services to the community and surrounding area.  Additionally, Ava began to pursue her love of photography and added that dimension to the gallery business in 2006.  She now produces and sells her photography and original works of art on several mediums (i.e. canvas, resin, metal and premium photo paper).

Recent Information:  In the past 5 years, Ava’s photographs have been recognized in several juried art shows throughout the states of Colorado, North Dakota, Utah and Arizona.  She was awarded “Best of Show” in a juried artists show in Dickinson, ND and has been featured in Birds and Bloom’s Magazine on more than one occasion.   She sells her works of  art through at her own website and has her work displayed and can be purchased via Completely Colorado, Shooting Star Gallery, Art Diaspora as well as other storefront locations in Colorado.

Other Information:  Most of Ava’s photography features her home state of Colorado and captures the concurrent beauty of the Colorado landscapes.  However, she has recently broadened her skills beyond landscape photography.  If you were to visit her website, she is now featuring categorical images from all walks of life (i.e. birds and wildlife, doors and windows, benches, flowers, humankind, roads and pathways, macro views, seascapes and cityscapes, simplicity, etc.).



Brigitte was born in Germany and started painting when she was 14. In 1964, she moved to the United States and lives in Twin Lakes, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico. ARTIST’S STATEMENT “Twin Lakes is a very special and sacred place that I have known and loved for five decades. When I paint this magnificent landscape, I can feel its energy and its timeless beauty which renews my spirit.”

Terry and Ken



Terry has been creating and sewing since she was 7 or 8 years old. She was taught knitting, crocheting & sewing by her Mother and Aunts. The sewing got her attention more than the other crafts. She made doll clothes, learned more at 4-H, took Home Ec. classes all through high school & made a prom dress. Made a wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and children’s clothes. She now prefers making quilts, small bags & lots of other fabric projects. She likes the modern quilt style, and likes to be called a “Sewist”.

Since retirement, Ken has chosen wood working projects to work on during his ‘free’ time. He enjoys making rustic benches and birdhouses. He also likes to make walking sticks out of Aspen wood or Pine which he gathers from around his cabin. He thinks everyone who goes walking in the Mountains should have a walking stick with “Twin Lakes, CO, elevation 9210 feet”, etched on the side.

Together they are K & T Creations. And depending on how much snow is on the deck, you will find them at home near Twin Lakes, CO or Justin, Texas. It all depends on the snow.


Jasper and Lava

Laura likes to tell the story of how she started exploring making bead jewelry as a way to encourage visual creativity in her boys. “Well, as usually happens as one offers a pallet of opportunities to one’s children, it wasn’t the boys cup of tea but here I am 15 years later, still hooked.” Semi-retired and busier than ever, Laura loves to play with yarn and stamped cards too.


Diana has been a quilter for over 35 years. She loves creating new items with fabric. Diana has lived in a subdivision east of Twin Lakes for the last 13 years and Leadville for 31 years. Diana and husband Ed have been married for almost 44 years and have 2 daughters. There probably hasn’t been any method of quilting that she hasn’t tried. You can visit her blog to see more samples of her work. We will miss you so much Diana.