Hummingbirds at the Gallery

Hummingbirds art

Hummingbirds by Susie

Hummingbirds in the yard and in the shop means it’s summertime. Our artists continue to bring in new art for your enjoyment and this week we’re featuring stain glass work by Susie.

Here in Twin Lakes we have 3 or 4 species of hummingbirds that we’ll see at our feeders. The most common and most misidentified is the Broad-tailed variety. Broad Tailed Hummers look a lot like the Ruby Throated birds common in the eastern part of the country. The big difference is that the male birds of the broad-tailed variety make a whistle noise when they fly. Below is an excerp from Beauty of Birds:  “Selasphorus platycercus – Native Breeders in Colorado- Migratory hummingbirds usually arrives in its breeding territory about mid-April. They breed across mountain forests and meadows throughout the Western United States from eastern California and northern Wyoming south through Great Basin and Rocky Mountain states to southern Arizona and western Texas. In September, they generally move south to winter in Mexico, Guatemala and, occasionally, El Salvador.
Males can most easily be identified by their iridescent, rose-red throats, white chest feathers and metallic green back and crown and their rounded tails. The males’ tails make whistling noises in flight.
Females lack the flashy throat patch of the male and are mostly pale below. Their white-tipped outer tail feathers are rust-colored close to the body and blackish in the center; the tail feathers in the center range from green to blackish.”
Other varieties found in the Twin Lakes area are the Calliope, Anna’s and Rufous hummingbirds. Stop by the shop and see Susie’s Hummingbirds, the ones you can purchase and take home with you.